A Unique Sex Story About The Wife And A Girlfriend

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The Wife Brings To our home a Girl Friend

This was his bday and he felt so thrilled he might wee his jeans. Being 36 yrs of age, birthdays shouldn’t be a big deal to Spence anymore, however this was tremendously precious. His lover, Jackie garanteed a suprise that was perhaps even more incredible than last year.

Previously, his suprise was getting up with Jackie kissing his cock and him being tied to the bed. Spence couldn’t imagine anything that might be better than the blowie. “Sweetheart, I’m home!” he shouted right after he opened the kitchen door.

“In the bed room!” he heard her shout back, and grinned an anticipatory grin. Spence has been sporting a half-hard cock since leaving behind work, but the sight that met him got him rock hard in a flash. Here was his amazing,tight and big titted sexy blonde wife tying a sexy, tight and big titted brunette on the bedhead. Both of them with slutty string knickers and 3inch heels. The brunette was spread showing everything, her legs attached on the bed head and thighs wide open.

“Settle down.” His wife instructed, pointing to a chair located directly in front of the bed. Jackie stripped him naked from the middle down, cupped his cock, kneeled and slobbered it from the base upwards. Spence shuddered and got ready for one hell of a cock sucking, her tongue gliding over his cock’s head and teasingly biting the cock. With him already rock solid, it didn’t take long for Spencer to cummmm.

“Considering that you’re less horny, sit back and face the action.” said Jackie and sauntered back to the bed. His lover of Five yrs then started undressing the brunette, licking and sucking all over. She seemed to be loving her new girl-friend completely, licking her tits while rubbing the brunette’s bald vagina. Her tongue shifted lower until she was licking their guest’s hairless pussy lips while Jackie’s own hands were playing with her tits.

All of this time, Spencer rested and rubbed his man meatwhich came back to life less than ten min after exploding. When the 2 hot chicks achieved orgasms, he cum with them, his dick spurting sprays of ejaculation.When he recovered he glanced at his wife again, she was untying the sex godess. She gazed at him and grinned. “It’s your turn to be hand cuffed to the bed, Spence.”